This week in MG’s Creative Writing classes, students began writing “I am from” poems.  “I am from” poems are a great way for students to express their individuality through writing, and they provide the reader with a metaphorical window into the author’s life and world.  First, students are given a set time to list out as many items as possible under the following categories: Favorite Foods, Things Found in Your House/Room, Names of Family Members/Pets, Places You’ve Lived/Visited, and Hobbies/Skills/Talents.  Once these lists have been generated, students transfer their information into a stanza-type format with the beginning of each stanza reading, “I am from”.  Please enjoy the selections below and here’s to the written word!


I am from Moe’s burritos and pasta bolognese,

From coffee ice cream and hibachi steak,

And from mashed potatoes and Klodike bars.

I am from swimming and ice skating,

From skiing and volleyball,

And from soccer and martial arts.

I am from Steffi and Buddy,

From Corrine and Clark,

And from Natalia and Rebecca.

I am from North Carolina and New York,

From Dakota and Georgia,

And from Maine and Washington state.

I am from Armenia and Germany,

From Columbia and Paraguay,

And from Costa Rica and Africa.

I am from Guinea Pigs and dogs,

From Sharpies and beds,

And from pillows and television.


-Nadia (7th grade)



I am from pasta marinara and cookie dough ice cream,

From Chik-fil-A minis and chocolate milkshakes,

And from S’mores pockets and chocolate chip pancakes.

I am from playing the piano and drawing in my notebook,

From Nintendo Switches and family pictures,

And from diary writing and pictures of my biological mother.

I am from Monica and John

From Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jen

And from Gracie and Freddy.

I am from Guatemala and London 

From Paris and Shanghai 

And from Ivy Gate and Heritage Drive.


-Isa (8th grade)


I am from cheese pizza and chicken on the bone,

From filet steaks and popcorn,

And from strawberries and raspberries.

I am from a bed and desk lamps,

From a desk and comic books,

And from chapter books and Legos.

I am from Mom and Dad,

From Mae and Joe the dog,

And from Cece and Pop!

I am from Georgia and Atlanta,

From Wildwood and Dean Drive,

And from Boston and Maine.

I am from reading and writing,

From swimming and running,

And from Star Wars and superheroes.

I am from Vermont and London,

From France and Utah,

And from New York and Disneyland.


-Ward (7th grade)







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