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For this assignment, students were asked to reflect on a moment in their lives that was meaningful in some way.  7th grade student, Elli Banks, chose to write a reflection piece on her two dogs, Sammie and Callie.  Below is her work . . .  Enjoy.



Sammie and Callie

By Elli Banks (7th grade)

When I was adopted, my mom had two dogs named Sammy and Callie. I would play with them and play doctor with them. They were my babies. As time went by they got older, their age started to show. I had to be more careful with them. When I was five, Callie died while I was playing with my cousins in the other room. I was still little and did not realize what had happened until I saw a man take her away and right then I noticed that I would never see her again, until one day, a woman came to our doorstep and handed my mom a box. My mom told me that Callie was inside this box and that she was going to bury her in the backyard by her favorite spot to play. I went back inside to comfort Sammy. I gave him lots of love. Soon after she died, Sammy started laying in her bed instead of his own bed.

As years went by, Sammy started to get much older. It was hard for him to walk or get up sometimes. Soon after that, we moved to Toco Hills. We brought Sammy with us and before we left, looked for Callie’s box but could not find it. Therefore, we left without her. I did not want to leave her behind but it was the right thing to do. As we settled in our house, Sammy became very sick he could not breathe as well as he should have been. My mom got in the car and told me to say goodbye to him because she knew this might be the last time I would see him. I kissed his little nose and my mom drove away. I hated the word good-bye. I did not want him to leave- he was my friend and a big part of our family. My mom picked me up from my friend’s house and I could tell by the look on her face that he was gone. She sat down with me and snuggled me close to her heart. She said that he would always be in my heart no matter what. She showed me the video of him taking his last breath. He put his head up and smiled at me. It was almost as if he knew that everything was going to be ok.

A couple of weeks later the box arrived. I could not bear to look at it. My heart began to hurt. I took the box and put it in my room. I laid on his bed and waited for him to come and lay down right next to me and comfort me . . . But he never came. The only thing I had left of him was his bed and his ashes laying on my desk. But I kept my mom’s words in my head- “he would always be in my heart.”   I laid back down and I imagined seeing him right next to me- like he was there with me. He looked at me and he winked, I smiled and laid back down to rest.

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