This week in my Language Arts classes, we participated in a synonym writing activity to welcome the coming of spring to the MSA community and its environs.  Students were asked to write 5-10 sentences, utilizing the writing prompt, “Describe, as best you can, what happens in nature when spring arrives.”  After allowing the students to briefly brainstorm what occurs during this beautiful season, they were then informed that their writing cannot use the following words: sun, rain, earth, pollen, flowers, trees, leaves, plants, and temperature.  The students were then given roughly 15 minutes to draft their responses prior to sharing their work.  Below are some exceptional examples from a few of the 8th graders (7th grade to be posted next week : )

. . . enjoy!

Spring is the season that deposits drizzles of droplets on the dandelions. The roses are as red as cherries. The carnations bloom with their purple styles. The acorns are bigger and vivid. Fine powdery substances fall on people’s little noses.  The big ball of yellow brightness shines down on the petals. The fragrance of the blossoms will have you smiling from ear to ear. Look out winter, spring is taking over.

-Sydney Pipes, 8th grade

Warm rays of sustenance issue from an overbearing sphere of light positioned in the sky. Flecks of yellow dust coast through the air, triggering repetitive sneezing. It is spring on our planet, and this occurrence brings a package. Stumps of wood blossom to produce reaching branches that grasp the air, swaying with the wind. Buds on the branches conceal green diamonds upon which caterpillars feast. Prairies covered with green stems and petals, roses and tulips, lilacs and daffodils, are impregnated by the cold precipitation that hails from the dark presence of a thundercloud, issuing its brethren to join it in its welcoming of spring.

-Elliot Cohen, 8th grade

Spring is the time when the cold gets kicked out. The air becomes polluted with sneezing powder. Everything gets a little brighter. Families are out walking, kids are out playing in yards, and everyone is a little happier . . . Except the people with allergies . . .

-Cartwright Ayres, 8th grade

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