For this activity, students were asked to develop a list of character traits that they would like to include in a particular character’s description within a story.  After approximately 15 minutes of writing, the students were then asked to narrow the traits they developed down to only 5.  Once each student had five solid character traits decided upon, they then were asked to write them each down on a piece of paper and place them in a large bowl.  Following this, each student chose five traits at random from the bowl to generate a randomized character that they would ultimately write a back story on and illustrate.  Below are some of the examples of the back story rough drafts (illustrations will soon follow . . . ).  Enjoy!  Takk!  Takk!  MG

Helena Ray (formerly Helne Rhæ) is the leader of one of the most prominent criminal organizations of Mars’ OE City. In spite of her growing infamy, Helena remains a highly illusive figure, and the OCPD (OE City Police Department) know little of her background. However, it is known that Helena arrived on Mars at the age of five Earth-years when her parents fled a small, impoverished Earth-nation. Wishing to distance herself from her past, Helena changed her name shortly after first enrolling in school on Mars. She got her start as a criminal in her early teens, when she ran a gang of license plate thieves made up of several other girls from her school. After passing the state graduation exam, Helena moved to OE City, where, in spite of her young age, she quickly established herself as a major criminal, organizing a large web of smugglers and contraband dealers. Helena relies almost exclusively on her employees to carry out criminal deeds, as she now rarely emerges from her penthouse apartment in the OE City Stacks. Due to prenatal malnutrition and severe air pollution, Helena has several lung and respiratory defects, which force her to remain inactive and indoors most of the time and have led to her developing rather severe koniophobia (fear of dust and airborne particles). Reports say she keeps her apartment meticulously clean and free of any airborne irritants. Helena is not known to be in any personal relationships; she lives alone, but keeps several large attack dogs as status symbols, chief among them a Rottweiler called Uther. Although the location of her home is public knowledge, the OCPD have done little to intervene with Helena’s criminal operations, leading many to suspect she is bribing them to look the other way.

-“Anonymous” 8th grade student

This character’s real name is unknown.  He suffers from major insomnia, has super human eyesight, schizophrenia, and can fly.  He also takes orders from a bowling ball.  He was created in a laboratory where harmful chemicals were put into him, which caused him to mutate.  He was then thrown in the laboratory’s jail for wrongful actions.  After this, he escaped and assumed the identity of a regular person and lives in a house by a nameless bay.  He calls himself “Edwin Marshall.”  When he was first looking for a house to live in he came across a cursed bowling ball and immediately began taking orders from it.  He then was diagnosed with schizophrenia and imagines everywhere as a pleasant, normal place.  The city closest to him is very dangerous and lots of crimes occur there, yet he imagines it as quite pleasant.  Edwin’s current occupation is unknown.

-C.J. Espinosa, 8th grade

bowl randomizer

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