dkng-moog-2012-gidThis is a wonderfully fun exercise for students and teachers alike and works to assist the students with understanding the importance of utilizing one’s senses when writing creatively.  The procedure is as follows:  Students are played a piece of music and are asked to not write or speak but to listen intently.  Encourage the students to be mentally cataloging images, thoughts, and feelings that the music conjures up.  Once the piece is complete, it is played again but this time the students are encouraged to free-write as much as possible during the music- utilizing their initial thoughts of the piece during their first listen as inspiration.  They can write whatever they choose, provided it is appropriate for sharing amongst the class.  Once the music has finished, the students are given 10-15 minutes to edit their documents prior to sharing.  Below is an example . . . Enjoy!

Sensory Exercise (Written to Music)


Music: Air. La femme d’argent. Moon Safari. 1998.

It sounds like I’m in a rain forest.

I’m playing the guitar . . . in a rain forest.

Animals (with looks hard to describe) come and listen.

A badger is playing the keyboard.  A parrot is playing the drums.

We are now in an Arctic environment and an avalanche comes towards us.

Our sound waves make the avalanche evaporate, and it melts all the ice.

We are now in a grass field.

Trees grow, and the same scene as in the beginning . . . plays again.

Animals listen to our music.

It turns night and meteors are shooting through the sky (BADGER SOLO…………………….).

We’re traveling through time and space itself, knowing no bounds.

We’re getting faster.  As times speeds up, we play faster.

Animals listen to our music.

All the stars become blurry, and we are in a tunnel of light.  Lines of blue light are all around us.

We are getting through the tunnel.

We are in the Arctic . . . in a volcano . . . on a beach . . . and underwater.

Finally, we are in space one last time.

We go through the tunnel of light again but this time, things slow down . . .

And then we are in the rain forest . . .

. . . Once again . . .

-Andrew, 7th grade

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