For our final exercise of wordcraft MSA, we quite simply wrote about what our “perfect day” might be and attempted to defend our stance by means of appropriate argumentation.  This is a flexible and fun writing activity and a good opportunity to discuss the concepts of argument and etiquette with students.  I placed a maximum length on the assignment of 15 sentences to allow for quick revisions of all the student’s works in a single class session (although the example provided exceeds this amount- a testament to motivation!).  Below is the example . . . Enjoy!

Perfect Day:

I wake up one morning in my beautiful, dream-white house with columns continuing along my wrap-around porch, and an American Flag in the front yard. I get out of bed to make a cup of French-Vanilla coffee and go out on my deck and sit in a wooden rocking chair in my pajamas. I watch my two mustang horses that I have always wanted (Cookie and Cream) gallop around my back yard just horsin’ around. My white Persian kitten, Cricket, comes outside to sit on my lap. I’m listening to my favorite music artist, Lana Del Rey.

After I am done sipping my coffee, I go inside and change into my horse riding clothes. I go outside to see my horses and I tack up my black mustang, Cookie. I ride for thirty minutes or so. I then drive to the beach in my dream car, a 1972 Ford F100 pickup truck. I tan for a while in the sand while the warm radiant sun beats down on my skin.

When I’m done tanning, I go on a ferry boat. I eat lunch on the boat: a turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese, tomato, and a sweet tea. After I’m done eating, I go fishing. After I catch some fish, I get off the boat and go for a bike ride. I watch all the kids playing in the sand and listen to parents saying “Don’t throw sand!” and “Don’t go in the water without an adult!”

Then the sun starts to go down. I walk around and I see the sun setting and the moon rising while the waves crash onto the shore and dolphins swim in the distance. It’s a beautiful pink and purple sunset over the sea. After it becomes dark outside, I go to my F100 and drive home. When I’m home, I lie down; fall asleep, and finally… I have the perfect dream.

The End

-Kendall, 8th grade

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