This exercise is designed to assist young writers in their understanding of the basic elements of a fictional narrative.  Similar to the “I Am From” exercise, the students are placed into pairs at different tables.  Each table has several pieces of paper and a pencil or pen.  On the top of each piece of paper is a basic element from a story (protagonist, antagonist, setting, conflict, resolution, supporting characters, etc.).  Each pair of students then has approximately four minutes (two per student if they choose to work individually) to write as many of these ideas down as possible before switching to the next station.  After a single rotation, the answers are read aloud and recorded as a group.  Finally, all the answers are printed and cut into small pieces of paper that are placed randomly in a bowl.  Each student has to choose two pieces of paper and incorporate those elements into their own, one-page, fictional narrative.  Below are a few examples of what some of the students came up with for a particular element (stories hopefully to be posted soon!) . . . Enjoy!

Setting:  dusk in a garden, daytime on mars, installation 66 (similar to area 51), unicorn valley, the land of bananas (“banana-land”), the isle of acura (including ambrosia city, doom city, and fire-land), sharktopia (the land of sharks, fairies, and pink water).

Protagonist:  pixy boy, giraffe girl, blugo the s.w.a.t. team member, cain the hedgehog, shark-man, azuri the two-tailed cat, sr. awesome, banana-man, man-man.

Antagonist:  the stingray, dr. crimp, man-oh-man, bakala the talking dog, dr. zeky (imploding machine expert), mr. dummy pants III (horse jockeying is a hobby of his), dr. derp, we-man (addresses everyone as “we”).

Supporting Characters: a man made up of bricks who puts on tap dancing shows, hipster harry, hobo herbert, sidewalk boy, an old dragon who is distracted by shiny things, tree-dude, bobby the soldier, a black and pink cat with bat wings, waddle the man-cat, stinkbug phil.

-Contributors: C.J., Noah, David, Morgan, Paige, Alexis, Connor, Ty, Lizzie, Kendall, Parker, Christian

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