Today we found ourselves discussing and debating what we would consider the “best” or “most useful” super power one could have.  For approximately 10 minutes, I asked the students to write down as many super powers as they could.  Once they were complete, we read them aloud as a group (methodically attempting to provide validity to our claims, as well as discussing the concepts of argumentation, audience, and debate) and each person chose three powers to expand upon.  The final assignment was to write ONE paragraph PER power.  Below are a few examples of these . . . Enjoy!

I would like to be able to make drawings come to life as my super power for several reasons. First off, I would be able to draw up dragons, wolves, panthers, and many more things to fight for me. Secondly, I would be able to give myself wings, armor, laser guns, and countless other things to help me. Thirdly, I would be able to draw objects, vehicles, vessels, and other things to help me get around faster since I can’t run very fast. I think that I would be almost unstoppable with this power because the only weakness is the time it takes to draw something, which can be countered by planning ahead and having drawings on hand.

-Alexis, 8th grade

If I had the ability to travel through the time-space continuum with only the recoils I desire, I could achieve a lot of fantastic results.  I could repair any mistake I may have made in the past.  I could also access any piece of history, including the future.  This superpower would be amazing!

-Connor, 7th grade

My superhero power is healing. My healing power lets me heal who I want to heal, but I have to choose the person or the animal.  I can even put things back together such as electronics, kitchenware, and clothes. The trick is I can’t heal myself. This power allows my superhero to heal people who were hurt. So if someone got shot or fell down and hurt themselves I would be able to heal their wounds by looking at them and thinking “heal the wound.” I would also be able to heal people’s emotional problems, like if they were upset, sad, or angry.

I would like to choose this power because I like helping people. I like seeing people happy. I would love to change someone’s life for the better. This super power is my favorite because I get to see people smile.

-Kendall, 8th grade


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