what if . . . ?

Our first exercise of the week found us writing a large body of “what if . . .” statements and expanding on the ones we found to be of particular interest. The students were asked to write as many of these statements as possible within a certain amount of time (in this case, 10 minutes). Following a brief sharing session, the exercise was repeated but the time was cut down to five minutes. We then each chose two of our “what if . . .” statements to expand upon. Below is the working list of the initial “what if . . .” statements the students crafted. Enjoy! (Image courtesy of http://www.aaa.si.edu. Question Mark Installation by Gyongy Laky, 1985. Twigs wrapped with cloth & plastic, Priv. Coll: NY.).

“What if we all spoke one language?

What if there was no electricity?

What if all animals could talk?

What if the Titanic didn’t sink?

What if there were no natural disasters?”

-Parker, 7th grade

“What if there was no medicine?

What if no one felt any physical pain?

What if life was a cartoon?

What if there was no “wrong”?

What if we all had the same name?

What if we were all gods and goddesses?

What if there was no darkness?

What if this is all a dream?

What if all the water in the world was gone tomorrow?

What if there was another ice age?

What if we lived forever?

What if there was no form of transportation besides walking?

What if there was no such thing as disease?

What if we floated?

What if we had no maps?

What if all the world’s countries were combined together?

What if there were no trees?”

– Kendall, 8th grade

“What if we were actually in a Sims game?

What if existence is recycled and we are simply living the same life over and over and over again?

What if our brain was liquid and we had to keep it from sloshing out of our heads?

What if people had wings?

What if the entire world were in the Victorian era?

What if flowers smelled bad?

What if steam were poisonous?

What if we never found a renewable energy source?”

-Paige, 7th grade

“What if guns shot portals instead of bullets?

What if the best type of sandwich was a knuckle sandwich?

What if I miss your little talks?

What if time travel existed?

What if I was actually the Queen of England?

What if this list said, “What would you do if . . .?”

What would you do if you got punished for a random act of kindness?

What would you do if you found out your entire life was a dream?

What would you do if someone punched you in the face?”

-Connor, 7th grade

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