commence dam release, roger?

An aesthetically-pleasing painting and a poignant metaphor for what I am hoping our merry band of misfits will NOT attempt to do during this second and final week of Winter Learning at MSA: don’t quarantine the river of ideas- books that rest on shelves thwart the flow of possibility! What I am ultimately hoping our students will get out of this week’s activities is that with some sound effort (and a sprinkling of constructivist motivation), they can learn that creative expression isn’t as daunting of a task as they may have initially considered (and that it can ACTUALLY be enjoyable!). I am hoping this seminar can show us all that writing, in order for it to fully flourish, must adapt to its surroundings and . . . find a way to thrive. (Photo image courtesy of Jacek Yerka, Bible Dam, oil on canvas,  Jacek Yerka, 2001).

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