For this exercise, the students were asked to get into pairs and sit at their own respective tables (12 students, six tables). On each table was one pen and several sheets of paper. On each sheet of paper was a particular phrase, such as, “favorite foods,” “phrases and sayings you hear from your family,” “things found in your yard,” well, you get the idea. Each pair of students had approximately four minutes (two per student) to write as many of these ideas down as possible before transferring to the next table. Once complete with the physical exercise, students transformed their notes into “I am From . . .” poems. Below are several examples of these.  A special thanks to the GSU Dept. of Education for introducing this concept to me.  Enjoy!

I Am From

I am from my mom, Jennifer, and my step dad, Tim.

From Huntington, West Virginia.

I am from “come here you goobers,” and “don’t let them take your joy.”

From “you’re a better door than a window,” and “in a minute.”


I am from rare seasoned steak, and baby back ribs,

From pizza with goat cheese, and tomatoes.

I am from a loving house with antique furniture and vintage paintings.

From a dog named Allie, and a fat cat named Jackson.


I am from football tossing, and music playing.

From song writing, and helping people.

I am from a white plastic dog house, and a creek with an island in the middle.

From huge tall trees, and flower bushes in the backyard.


I am from a very loving mom and a helpful step dad.

From a house built out of love that has been through a lot.

I am from a very family oriented house.

From a family who hasn’t stayed in one place-

For a long time.

-Kendall, 8th grade

I Am From

I am from “Schmagoogalie” and “Snickerdoodle Toaster Strudel,”

From “Don’t be the policeman of the world” and “Coming!”

I am from medium boneless Buffalo wings and Franco’s pepperoni pizza,

From Dreamland’s pulled pork sandwiches and Orange Crush,

I am from all of these…

I am from neighbors’ trash and soccer balls,

From basketballs and bicycle pumps,

I am from “Papa” and “Shuggie,”

From “C-Note” and “Awesome Animated Aunt Amy,”

I am from all of these…

I am from self-taken flower photographs and bedstands littered with reading material,

From props from my Bar Mitzvah and living room chairs surrounded by cereal bowls,

I am from nights of nothing but YouTube and screaming my lungs off at 50-yard lines,

From Fridays at The Forum and begging my mom to let me stay home from camp so I could watch the Olympics,

I am from all of these…

I am from the growth of Atlanta, the lights of Las Vegas, and the antiquity of Boston,

From the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, the antebellum of the Cloister,

I am from all of these…

-Connor, 7th grade

I Am From

I am from Judy and Jim

From Nanna and Papa

I am from drawing and running

From using the dangerous but useful powers of the internet and raiding the cabinets


I am from PJ and Capricorn

From CC and Max

I am from Doritos and pastrami

From Caesar salads and pasta


I am from the pool and the tree stump that feel over when I was eating Easy-Mac

From the wooden fence to the pet grave yard

I am from “the country of Jimbabway does not allow it” and “it’s more peaceful in my lair!”



I am from nearly dying at a game of bingo to getting lost in Walmart

From being taunted by a baby sitter and suffering the loss of Mikey

I am from figuring out how to animate to learning a new shading technique in one night

From practicing my dancing at night while listening to music.

-Paige, 7th grade

I Am From

I am from “good night,” and “sleep tight!”

From “Poniard,” and “yuts,”

I am from “Yo moma,” and “Yo dada,”

From “see ya latter alligator,” and “after while crocodile!”


I am from “Block cheese,” and “string cheese,”

From “whose there,” and “come in!”

I am from “Georgia,” and ‘Florida,”

From “football,” and “Basketball.”


I am from “New Mexico,” and “Canada,”

From “hamburgers,” and “hotdogs,”

I am from “iPod,” and “iPhone,”

From “video games,” and “TV.”


I am from “A hospital,” and “Dalton GA,”

From “shut your mouth,” and “sit down!”

I am from “Fluffy,” and “to skinny!”

From “short,” and from “tall.”

-Ty, 7th grade

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